Rocinia are a powerful and original trio from Kent, UK, who fall closest to the Acoustic/Rock genre, but not quite into it. A combination of emotive lyrics, rock solid back line, and finger picked guitar lead to a versatile and energetic live show.

Simon, Callum, and George have recorded their second Studio EP “The Aching Hands of Time”. It is now available online as both a physical and digital release (click here).

Check out this live video of their previous EP’s title track “Big Blue”, performed as a two piece for
the Acoustic Valium Project’s “Salon Sessions”.


 “Rocinia have a glittering future with a sound that is guaranteed to touch all who hear it."



Rocinia are a three piece Acoustic/Rock trio, consisting of Simon Smith, Callum May, and George Priddle, who formed the band in January of 2013. Since then they have been working hard, writing a selection of songs which are becoming progressively darker as time goes on. Their first record “Big Blue” was independently released in Nov’ 13, and has received good reviews. The five track EP, recorded at Regeneration Studios, shows a variety of styles in which the band perform, but they all centre around their Acoustic/Rock sound.

Simon and Callum met in school, and have played together for many years. They both learnt a lot about their instruments playing at a local jam night together. In late ’12, they met up with George Priddle for a trial, and things just clicked. Songs started coming thick and fast, and they are currently working on some new, heavier material for their album, which they are hoping to record soon (see below).

If you’d like to find out more about the band, (they’d love to hear from you!) you can contact them at the bottom of this page.

Simon Smith’s heavily finger picked guitar lines, and powerful vocal reflect the emotive lyrics which he writes. He holds a strong belief that music should be left open to interpretation by the listener.

Callum May’s creative percussion is essential in creating the big sound of this trio. A highly skilled drummer whose heavy, intricate style works perfectly in this genre of Folk infused Rock.

George Priddle’s bass playing is minimalist and ties in perfectly with Callum’s percussion. He and Simon enjoy exploring the ways to maximise the bands sound, harmonically and dynamically, whilst remaining a three piece.


So Magazine on our EP “Big Blue”

"This collection of five impressive songs explores love and abandonment and hope and grief and all sorts of things in between..."

See the full review here!

Phushion Magazine on our performance at the Grey Lady, 05/11/13.

 “Rocinia have a great vibrant energy when they perform which could really be felt throughout the set… This was a truly refreshing band to see emerging out of the local area and one that we will definitely be following the progress of.”

See the full gig review here! on our EP “Big Blue”

“A lot of debut EP’s around at the moment but relaxed and refreshingly different are Rocinia…  A trio of talent, the band is not even a year old yet, but already sound perfectly polished and poignantly professional.”

See the full review here!



JUL '20

NEW 5 track EP -  'The Aching Hands of Time' - AVAILABLE NOW

We have waited (and waited) for the right time to do this, as we wanted to have a launch gig - but more than anything we just want you to hear our music. So here it is! Recorded at The Granary by our good friend Mykel Dunn, "The Aching Hands of Time" is four live recordings of songs written, and sometimes rewritten, over several years.

The fifth track, "It Comes, The Early Morning" is available only to own when purchased and downloaded via Bandcamp (click here).


AUG '19

ROCINIA at 'LOCAL & LIVE' - Calverley Park - Tunbridge Wells - Main Stage - 6.30pm

After a 3 year hiatus we return to thrill your earholes with our unique blend of sounds and the hitting of things. Expect everything you got before, but louder, a bit more aggressive, and in
Simon's case with a lot more dad-bod.



JUL '18

ROCINIA at 'THE GREY LADY' - Tunbridge Wells from 7.00pm

After a 2 year break from performing I am returning to The Grey Lady (care of Mr Dunton) for a 30 minute set of solo-Rocinia tracks. I've missed you all and am really looking forward to the opportunity to perform again!


JAN '16


Rocinia will be spending lots of time with Alex of Doz Recording Studio over the coming months, working on an in depth project throughout 2016. Watch the Facebook page for updates!



Please contact us - we'd love to hear from you.

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